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Providing residential & commercial water treatment products & service
Water Softeners, chemical free filters, reverse osmosis systems and more...
Water Treatment Systems for the home and business
Residential and commercial water softeners, water filters, and water treatment service and...

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WPSS in Dundas County

For over 30 years Williamsburg Pump Supply & Service has served Dundas County and the surrounding area; typically ranging North to Vernon, East to Cornwall, South to the US Border, and West to Brockville. Our projects range from large scale commercial applications such as the Iroquois Locks water treatment system to single family dwellings. We provide start to finish plumbing services in municipal and rural supply settings for both commercial & residential customers. This includes:

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We specialize in solving water quality issues such as hardness, iron, sulfur and bacterial contamination through water softening, specialty filters and disinfection systems. We can service most models available. Excalibur Water Systems is our primary supplier of water treatment products which are cataloged in our products section. 

Our pump, fixture, and miscellaneous products are supplied by a variety of companies including but not limited to:

Treatment & Disinfection:



All links above provide product specifications and warranty information. Whatever your project demands we can help provide you with the information you need to choose the equipment suited to your application. With a wealth of experience we can diagnose your water treatment & supply needs with confidence and offer products backed with some of the strongest warranties in the industry. By investing in your water quality you are investing in your health. To learn more browse our catalogues, join us on Facebook, Linked in, calling, emailing or visiting our supplier’s pages. We look forward to providing you with the solutions you need.

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