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3-Stage Reverse Osmosis System


3 Stage Reverse Osmosis System. Tested and Certified for atrazine, cysts, lead and lindane reduction and for aesthetic reduction of chlorine, particulates, taste & odor.

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  • 3 Stage Reverse Osmosis System
  • 35 gallons per day capacity
  • 5 micron carbon block filtration to remove chlorine, odours, thm’s, volatile & industrial chemicals
  • High purity thin film composite reverse osmosis membrane that produces high purity drinking water
  • Quick connect replacement filters/membranes w/built in shut off valves
  • Premium brushed nickel lead free designer drinking water faucet
  • 2.8 gallon high purity metal tank with plastic lining
  • Installation kit
  • 3 year warranty (consumables not included)
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