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Dual Gradient Density Polypropylene Cartridges


Dual Gradient Density Polypropylene Cartridges are manufactured with 100% pure polypropylene fibres and are sized to fit Jumbo filter housings. These cartridges will reduce turbidity, dirt, grit, suspended matter, sand, rust and scale.

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  • 100 percent pure polypropylene cartridgesized to fit the Jumbo housings
  • Polypropylene cartridges form a true density for premium filtration
  • 40˚ F to 100˚ F (4˚ C to 37˚ C) operating temperature
  • 30 to 100 PSI operating range (2 BAR to 6 BAR)
  • Polypropylene dual gradient cartridges remove dirt, grit, sand, rust, suspended matter and turbidity
  • Multi-depth filtration
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