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Pure Water

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EWS Econo Soft-Tec™ Water Conditioner


Scale prevention includes no buildup on fixtures and appliances. Essential minerals are no longer removed from the water. Clothes are softer, cleaner, and brighter. Dishes are cleaner with less soap and no hard water spotting. Appliances using water such as dishwashers, clothes washers, water heaters, ice makers, etc. last longer and are more efficient. 5-Year Warranty.

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  • Easy setup & installation
  • No electrical power required
  • No drain or waste water
  • Bypass valve
  • No Maintenance or Repairs
  • No Backwash which lowers water consumption
  • No water softening salt to purchase
  • Note: No electrical power required, eliminates all unnecessary water usage, and no water softening salt to purchase. All these cost savings only come with a Soft-Tec™ – No Salt Water Softening System
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